Affirmative Action, Is It Good Or Bad?

What is affirmative action?

Affirmative action is defined as steps or policies to create positive and equal opportunities for women and minority groups. Factors that are included in it are race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. There are a number of affirmative pros and cons that separate certain groups from others because of their opinions. Affirmative action came into consciousness in the United States when President John F. Kennedy signed an Executive Order to achieve non-discrimination. Its purpose is to give opportunities for minor groups to be a part of institutions and professions that was once dominated by white male. This concept of affirmative action is dynamic and practiced throughout the world. Affirmative action is often a topic of debate where affirmative action pros and cons are discussed. You can find more useful information on this website.

Affirmative action pros and cons

The topic of affirmative action divides groups who study the concept. Emotions may arise and history is being recalled to justify the issue of discrimination among the minority. Schools, workplace, businesses, government and even homes are encouraged to practice affirmative action. Although not a concrete and defined law, the concept of affirmative action should always based on the practice of ensuring equality in the environment. The study of affirmative action should not only be offered in a certain course but should be known by all people to promote and spread its purpose.

Affirmative actions taught in school will lessen racial discrimination and bullying. Children are often the target of discrimination and are sensitive to such issues. Diversity should always be encouraged and that no person is superior to any other person. In the workplace, skills and productivity should be the measure of promotion. Minority groups should not be deprived of their rights to enter an institution or to hold any position in businesses.

Discrimination will continue even if affirmative action is practiced. Peoples opinion, beliefs and history matter and certain rights overlap the purpose of affirmative action. Confidence may not be easy to develop among minority group since there might be prejudice on the promotion of affirmative action. Individuals may or may not perform well or they might be accepted to fill a quota and not because of their ability or skills. Others consider affirmative action as a remedy to heal discrimination that had happened in the past. The most common issues of discrimination is women and skin color. Women are seen as inferior and are stereotyped to do certain tasks that are only intended for them. Gender is the basis of acquiring rights rather than skills. Skin color, on the other hand, has been a long time issue in America and other continents.

Affirmative action pros and cons as a balancing act

Although affirmative action pros and cons divide people, the idea of equality must exist. Social justice is achieved when no one is hurt and there is unity regardless of gender, skin color, nationality or race. Dialogues and debates are healthy to exchange ideas and opinions. In this way, everyones voice is heard.

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