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Affirmative Action, Is It Good Or Bad?

What is affirmative action? Affirmative action is defined as steps or policies to create positive and equal opportunities for women and minority groups. Factors that are included in it are race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. There are a number of affirmative pros and cons that separate certain groups from others because [...]

Affirmative Action, Is It Necessary?

Affirmative action refers to policies that were created so that government contractors would not discriminate against any employees or applicants because of race, creed, colour or national origin.  Soon after the policies took effect in the mid 20th century many pros and cons of affirmative action were raised and steps were taken to include gender, [...]

Understanding Affirmative Action In The Workplace

It’s hard to move about society, the American one in particular, without encountering affirmative action in the workplace. Affirmative action within the workplace is essentially a means of trying to rectify any wrongs done to minority groups in the past by giving an advantage over the whites in America. Starting out in admission policies in [...]

Lowdown On the Policy of Affirmative Action

The affirmative action in education is a policy that procures factors such as a minorities’ color, race, gender, religion, national origin and sexual orientation into a circumstance so that they can benefit in the areas of business, education and employment. Some people find it beneficial since it gives preferential treatment to minorities when it comes [...]

An Affirmation of the Affirmative Action Plan Requirements

An affirmative action plan, commonly referred to as the AAP, is a program that presents an analysis of the possible underutilization of a given employer of the skills of some of his employees belonging to the protected classes of society. Typically, one of the many affirmative action plan requirements is that the employer has to [...]