Lowdown On the Policy of Affirmative Action

The affirmative action in education is a policy that procures factors such as a minorities’ color, race, gender, religion, national origin and sexual orientation into a circumstance so that they can benefit in the areas of business, education and employment. Some people find it beneficial since it gives preferential treatment to minorities when it comes to their admission in major universities or employment in businesses or government sectors, however, not all people are in line with the code.

Say, the policy gets abolished. What will be the outcome?

  1. It will lead to reverse discrimination Those who live in poverty that works twice as hard compared to upper class minorities are shrugged off because of the influence put on by the latter. Now this doesn’t translate into equity at all. Its truly unfair to those who use discipline and hard work to get what they want but never reap the rewards because of the racial circumstance.
  2. Lower standards of accountability Effort is what we’re talking about here, and if a certain school has to lower their standards just to accommodate a specific minority who doesn’t put much effort to work, it lessens accountability.
  3. Ill-equipped The problem here is that some minorities won’t be given the chance to perform better because the SAT or GPA requirements imposed by universities are too much for them to handle, often being a hindrance for them to succeed in their chosen field.
  4. It would lead a color-blind society Authorities wouldn’t be inquiring much about a specific minorities’ hair, eye,and skin color in this case, because it isn’t really important.
  5. Add insult to injury As if the policy isn’t harsh enough, it’s truly condescending. A person who thinks he’s incapable of doing the best he can will tend to worry more because of the imposition of affirmative action. It’s insulting and will make minorities feel that they’re not capable of achieving goals through hard work and discipline.
  6. Demeans real minority achievement As if condescension isn’t enough already, affirmative action will demean truth allotted to minorities. It would be insulting for a certain student’s part that worked his way through achievement only to be criticized by the policy in the end.
  7. Permanent damage It will be very difficult for affirmative action to be removed once it gets enacted.

What if it doesn’t?

  1. Desirable cultural diversity Since affirmative action will be catering lots of minorities from all walks of life, there will be vast cultural diversities evolving in different sectors of society which is an important factor for the establishment of harmonious and unified nation.
  2. Major boost Minorities who are having problems adjusting to a society may need to have a little boosting, especially those who came from a mediocre background. Affirmative actions gives them a chance to prove themselves in the public arena.
  3. It gives minorities a chance to work at their ideal business sectors and study in their preferred schools.
  4. Stereotypes will be left for dead.
  5. The affirmative action in education compensates minorities that have suffered and were victims of discrimination in the past.

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